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    • Emmys 2020 Guest Categories
      Riley Chow

      Have there been any great guest performances this season that are doomed to be ignored? I am not an

      Luca Giliberti

      [quote quote=1203373773]Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Cameron Britton- Mindhunter James Cromwell- Succession Charles Dance- The Crown John Lithgow- The Crown Christopher Meloni- The Handmaids Tale Esai Morales- How to Get Away with Murder Guest Actr

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      Started by:  gabarnes43国产狂喷潮在线观看

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    • Damon Lindelof developing WATCHMEN for HBO
      Riley Chow

      “the most critically-acclaimed drama series of 2017” Was hoping that a wholly original story wo


      I loved the show as well. To be honest though, in retrospect I really wish they'd have touched up on some things better. Adrian and Laurie's narrative detours were hardly vital to the story, as entertaining as they were. I'd have been a little more o

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      Started by:  Anonymous国产狂喷潮在线观看

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       Potatohead 国产狂喷潮在线观看

      4 hours, 52 minutes ago

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 Probably after New Pope ends in February.


      I can't wait for Season 2 of My Brilliant Friend to air. I've been enjoying Season 1. Since it aired on HBO in the US, it should be technically eligible for the Emmys, but sadly, it got no nominations for Season 1. It's an Italian drama series obviou

      Started by:  Marco B.

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       m844 国产狂喷潮在线观看

      5 hours, 47 minutes ago
    • Westworld Season 3
      Luca Giliberti

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 We started the same chat at the same time, lmao!


      Honestly, some of the critic reviews for Westworld are abysmally written. It's one of the most reviewed and discussed shows airing, yet most of the people who watch it don't even take the time to pay attention to what's going on. The number of times

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      Started by:  Reis

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    • Official HTGAWM Thread (Seasons 5 & 6) – Ending With Season 6

      My friends and I have a theory (and take this all with a grain of salt since I really don't think we

      Luca Giliberti

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 http://twitter.com/HowToGetAwayABC/status/1235731824636235778?s=20 We're almost back! I have a very good feeling about these final 6 episodes! I feel like they're going to do the show justice. This midseason finale really got the show back on track

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      Started by:  Luca Giliberti国产狂喷潮在线观看

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    • STATELESS (Cate Blanchett, Yvonne Strahovski, Jai Courtney – Netflix Mid-2020)

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 Netflix has taken global distribution rights for Stateless. I am seeing double nomination for Cate


      国产狂喷潮在线观看 [quote quote=1203372350]Seems clearcut that Stateless, a Netflix acquisition, does not meet any of the requirements. To Riley’s post, I also am not sure how Bodyguard was eligible either. Foreign television production is ineligible unless it is the

      Started by:  cheesesalad

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       puck05 国产狂喷潮在线观看

      1 day, 2 hours ago
    • 2020 BAFTA TV Nominations Predictions (It's never too early…)

      Olivia Colman will be nominated for: Leading Actress- The Crown Supporting Actress- Les Miserables


      国产狂喷潮在线观看 [quote quote=1203372478] I think Watkins is coming! BAFTA loves him [/quote]   Or even Ben Daniels could end up getting nominated not only to honor his career (he has yet to get a BAFTA, but he has won Olivier for theatre and also halfway to E

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      Started by:  Alex国产狂喷潮在线观看

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    • The Last of Us (HBO)
      Turd Ferguson

      I haven’t even played the game and this sounds awesome.


      On one hand, the game’s story is so good, I’m not sure how they could improve in it, so it’s pretty unnecessary. On the other hand, this could help introduce more people to an ingenious journey. I know there’s no chance or it happening, but

      Started by:  Reis国产狂喷潮在线观看

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    • 2020 Emmy Rules
      Dvir B.A.

      Did they make any changes to prevent networks (ahem ahem HBO) from committing category fraud with Li

      Riley Chow

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 It had at least six episodes this season, unlike Luther.

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      Started by:  Paul Sheehan

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       Riley Chow 国产狂喷潮在线观看

      1 day, 18 hours ago
    • Can an actor get two Emmy nominations in the same category?
      Riley Chow

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 You can get two nominations in the same category unless you are a director. It was also prohibited

      Riley Chow

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 That writing thing is a loophole that also applies to editing and other categories where you have teams of people doing the same job on a given episode together. Where directors (and technical directors, but not nonfiction or reality directors) diff

      Started by:  RobertPius

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    • Schitt's Creek – Season 6

      国产狂喷潮在线观看 The season 6 trailer is out. It's very eventful. http://youtu.be/1mzdm3gzraI


      国产狂喷潮在线观看 Loved all the subplots here, especially the townspeople turning on Moira for the bad PR article in "People." That tourism video of "Schitt's Creek" at the end should seal up Catherine O'Hara's upcoming Emmy nomination in the same way that the "Crows

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      Started by:  Emmyfan

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       Atypical 国产狂喷潮在线观看

      2 days, 3 hours ago
    • Better Call Saul Season 5
      Turd Ferguson

      Hell yes, ready for the Gene scene. I love that this show has managed to avoid the “premiere episo


      国产狂喷潮在线观看 Mando has been incredible since season 1, especially his showcase episode. Very late to that party, but whatever. If he had higher name recognition, he would have been an Emmy nominee by now. And just finding out that he's French-Canadian is blowing

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      Started by:  thatnerdgreg

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