Could ‘The Masked Singer’ Kitty paw-sib-ly be ‘Mean Girl’ Lindsay Lohan?

With “The Masked Singer” crooning its way through the third season, the sixth episode opened with a group performance of the Backstreet Boys‘ “Larger than Life.” The talent took the stage and dazzled the audience. First up to compete solo was the Kitty, who soulfully sang Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart.” She warmed the room with her caramel voice, and a friend of the singer doled out tonight’s clues. Miss Kitty’s gal pal gave insight into the Kitty’s troubled youth. She said, “She didn’t have a ton of friends and got bullied at school for being weird, but to me, that’s always made her special.” The friend added, “She may have the voice of an angel, but it’s her dark side that will help her stay in the competition.”

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Guest panelist T-Pain picked up on the “dark side” clue and guessed actress Christina Ricci of “Addams Family” fame, but Ken Jeong believed it was his dear friend Kristen Bell. (But Bell has a higher pitch to her voice than this Kitten.) Jenny McCarthy, doing an impression of Jeong, guessed Haylie Duff. I think they’re all off base.

This Kitty is a paradox for sure. She moves gracefully on the stage yet she comes across as strong and commanding, but that dark side hint struck a nerve. I’m thinking of a well-known actress who has had some very dark drug induced moments, and in 2019 released her third studio album. This Kitty could be Lindsay Lohan.

As a child, Lohan had a rocky life (her dad was in and out of jail) and her parents divorced when she was three. Ms. Lohan even once told Katie Couric国产狂喷潮在线观看 that she was bullied by mean girls while growing up on Long Island…pretty ironic since she got to play a “Mean Girl” in the HIT movie of the same name.

Finally, Ms. Lindsay seems to rise like a phoenix every few years so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d take a turn on “The Masked Singer.” You might even say she has nine lives. Thoughts?


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