Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’: Is it stupid, or do you love it? [POLL]

Lady Gaga is back! … Well, she never left really. In the last year and a half she won an Oscar and five Grammys国产狂喷潮在线观看, most of them for her work in the film “A Star is Born.” But it’s been a while since she went all-in on the dance pop that made her a star. At the end of February she officially released her new single “Stupid Love” along with a futuristic music video that plays like “West Side Story” at a space disco. Do you love “Stupid Love,” or is it just stupid? Scroll down to vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Before Lady Gaga became an Oscar-nominated actress in “A Star is Born” she recorded a more stripped-down pop album, “Joanne” (2016), and preceding that was “Cheek to Cheek” (2014), her collection of pop standards with Tony Bennett国产狂喷潮在线观看. You have to go back to “Artpop” (2013) to find her in a more purely electro-dance mode. Now in the upbeat “Stupid Love” she’s featured in the video as one of the “Kindness punks” fighting for “Chromatica,” which is the title of her upcoming sixth album due on April 10.

国产狂喷潮在线观看Check out some of our readers’ comments below, and let us know what you think by voting in our poll.

Atypical国产狂喷潮在线观看: “The song is really jarring after the folksy, ballad-heavy ‘ASIB’ era, which I adored. This is back to that pop/EDM sound of ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Artpop,’ which had its high highs and low lows. Slightly better than the self-referential ‘Applause,’ I guess.”

WildforFilm: “I love the production on this. It gives such a ’90s dance club vibe. If a hit, I think it could score a [Record of the Year Grammy] nom.”

Robinladen国产狂喷潮在线观看: “‘Stupid Love’ misses the grandeur of her early work but it’s a fun song. I do hope it’s an appetizer for the album and not the main course. But I do really like it.”

Mr Brightside: “The song is awesome. It feels so weird to see a pop era from Lady Gaga. It’s been so long. The video sucks though.”

M国产狂喷潮在线观看: “This time around, seeing Gaga do well in both sales and streams is a good indicator. But not sure this single will have longevity as I don’t like it. But maybe good news for the album.”

Mary J国产狂喷潮在线观看: “Honey, ‘Stupid Love’ will debut high and then plummet down the charts like ‘Million Reasons.'”

cracker of whips, bringer of jocks: “The song is palatable at best, and generic and entirely forgettable at worst. The lyrics are bland and uninspired but fortunately, the production saves the song itself from being really poor.”

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