Let us bow before all 40 of ‘Survivor’s’ often freaky tribal immunity idols through the ages

At the start of every “Survivor” season is the race for the first tribal immunity idol — not to be confused with a hidden immunity idol or the individual immunity necklace. Winning this immunity totem ensures safety from being the dreaded first person voted out of the season during an episode-ending tribal council. In the past 40 seasons of the long-running CBS reality TV show, we have seen a huge array that are themed with the season’s location. Ranging from small wooden figures and large spears to animals and tribesman, the tribal immunity never disappoints. See photos of every “Survivor” tribal immunity idol above.

While the idols are most valued for their protective powers, they are actually works of art. For the special 40th season of long-running CBS reality show that features a cast compose of 20 past winners, the immunity idol is shaped like a skull with fire tokens — a new twist in the game — for eyes and is held up by chain-adorned crossbones.

When “Survivor” used to take place around the globe, the idol would often reflect the culture of the destination. “Survivor: Thailand” had an image of Buddha serve as an idol. The season in Guatemala featured a Mayan statuette. The Philippines inspired a bird-like idol.

国产狂喷潮在线观看However, ever since Season 33 of “Survivor” — 2016’s “Millennials vs. Gen X” — the show has been using the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji as its permanent home base. The idols have ranged from a figure of a woman holding a shell (Season 35’s “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” in 2017) and a dragon statue bearing a yellow gem.

There is lore attached to some of the immunity idols over the years. On the ninth season, “Survivor: Vanuatu,” that aired in 2009, over-zealous castaway Rory Freeman broke a spear-like idol after slamming it into the ground when his tribe got back to camp. Luckily, it was won during the last challenge before the merge.

CBS also decided to give super-fan Neil Patrick Harris the immunity idol from “Survivor: China” — a terracotta warrior — as a gift for his 37th birthday in 2010. But the idol was re-used for as a prop for “Ghost Island” in 2018. In general, the idol is sold on eBay after the season ends and, like any “Survivor” memorabilia that is for sale, proceeds go to charity.

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